General Terms and Conditions

Electronic Bulletin Board
Requests for Service
Bidding for Available Firm Service
Service Agreement
Operating Conditions
Flexible Primary and Secondary Receipt and Delivery Points
Natural Gas Quality
Operating Pressure
Release and Assignment of Service Rights
LNG Inventory Transfers Among Buyers
Force Majeure
Capacity and Imbalance Allocations
Interruption of Service
Operational Flow Orders
Billing and Payment
Measurements and Tests for Delivery of Natural Gas
Construction of Facilities
Schedules and Contracts Subject to Regulation and Revision
Complaint Resolution Procedure
Annual Charge Adjustment (ACA)
Standards of Conduct
Compliance with 18 CFR, Section 284.12
Transmission Electric Power Cost Adjustment Provision
Operational Sales and Purchases of Natural Gas or LNG
Negotiated Rates
Notice of Incremental Services
Revenue Crediting
Notice of Incremental Port Facility Service
Non-Conforming Service Agreements
Off-System Capacity
Operational Purchases and Sales of Cooling Quantities
Cooling Mechanism
Cooling Quantity Cost Recovery